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Ex-Navy Seal Creates Veterans Organization to Expose Pedophiles and Rescue Trafficked Children

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–The difference between the Birth Certificate and Certificate of Live Birth.

For most purposes of identification, people use the Birth Certificate as the original document. But some have recently heard about something called the Certificate of Live Birth. What is the difference between the Birth Certificate and Certificate of Live Birth?

continued here: Your Certificate of birth.pdf


–The Superior Claim

You can win your court case and get your child back with your Certificate of Live Birth. With your Certificate of Birth, you have the superior claim!

Remenber, you were born in the Republic.

See: Birth Certificate TITLE created by State.pdf

Get your Certificate of Live Birth here: Your Certificate of birth.pdf

-About the Minor:
Minor Means, an Individual
Under the Age of 18 Years


–Prove the Young Man Young Woman is Your Property

Copy and paste a picture of your child on a plain sheet of paper. Write the following below the picture “This is my property” Get this document notarized with your autograph. See the rule of signatures.



Close your eyes, hold out your hands, palms up and speak OUT LOUD ceremonoiusly.

“In the name of the spirit, I ask that I should be shown what I need to know abut the situation with my missing child.”

Then say: “I celebrate it, even though I do not understand it.”



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