All names on birth certificates are traded on bonds, security pools and are certificates of financial nature without disclosure to the ISSUER You and Your Mother/Father. Court cases etc. are traded on bonds of the Denationalized Aboriginal, and denationalized National of the various Republics of the World who learned their free society structure from the Ancient Indigenous peoples. The corporate citizen is a victim of the force and duress actions of corporate agencies etc. …through fraud.

If at all possible, never voluntarily go to court. Live men and women are never meant to be in a place designed for the business of FICTIONAL ENTITIES.

When we attend court we are deemed dead; they can only deal with legal FICTIONS/TRUSTS.

Court is for “TITLED persons” – judges, prosecutors, defendants, bailiffs, clerk’s cops, and attorneys. Live men and women are not recognized in court; they are not “persons” (they are corporations).

Social security and tax moneys are traded domestically and Internationally. This is chattel fraud but cannot be properly remedied until cancellation of adverse contracts and claims in recoupment – Reparations- International Law UN60/147 etc.…

Definition of Fraud

– A perversion of the truth to induce a person to part with something valuable (rights- property etc.) belonging to them using false or misleading representations.

NONDISCLOSURE makes any contract = VOIDABLE:

As all BANKRUPT corporations are operating For Profit, and they are not paying the Taxes that they OWE to the True American Government – “We the People”

–All courts are administering the Cestui Que Trust without you!

It is the clerk of court who is responsible for appointing the trustee and the executor for a court appearance and it’s really for constructing a constructive trust – that particular court case that you have been summoned/invited to make an appearance to attend.

The clerk of the court is the Beneficiary because the State owns you and you have no rights; “A CHILD becomes a WARD OF THE STATE when a Certificate of Live Birth or Any STATE CHILD Contract is issued.”

The clerk of court, the Beneficiary, appoints the judge as trustee (the one to administer the trust, without you) and appoints the prosecutor as executor/trustee of the trust. The executor/trustee is ultimately liable for the charge because it was he/she who brought the case into court (he is the one who created the constructive trust) on behalf of the State which charged the Cestui Que trust).

Only an executor/prosecutor can initiate/create a constructive trust and we all know the maxim of law: “Whoever creates the controversy holds the liability and whoever holds the liability must provide the remedy.” This is why all attorneys are mandated to bring their check books to court because if it all goes wrong for them …meaning either they fail to transfer their liability onto the alleged defendant, or the alleged defendant does not accept their office of liability, then someone has to credit the trust account in order to off- set the debt. Since the prosecutor/trustee is the one who issues bogus paper and charges the trust, it is the Prosecutor/Executor/Trustee who is in the hot-seat.

If we wish to expose the fraud of presumptions, by which the Cestui Que Trust still exists, then the court is the perfect opportunity to get your remedy in the judge’s chambers, by Expressing the TRUST and/or presenting the superior claim.

Everything the Judge says — even if it sounds like a command, order, or sentence — is actually an offer which we can choose to decline “I do not consent; I do not accept your offer.” This is a fundamental principle of testamentary trusts …the beneficiary can accept or decline what the trustee offers.

Remember, that the Judge / Trustee who issues a summons or arrest warrant, will have to think long and hard: “Am I willing to gamble that the man/woman who walks into my court might call me on my role of trustee and expose the fraud that the Cestui Que Trusts are still in place?”

Common law courts no longer exist. The case has nothing to do with live men and women or “facts” so anyone who testifies (talks) about the facts of the case is doomed.

All courts operate in trust law, based upon ecclesiastical canon law; that manifests as commercial law, and we are in court to take the hit if they can get us to give them our consent.

To do this they use every trick in the book; intimidation, fear, threat, ridicule, rage, and even recesses to change the jurisdiction when they are losing, to make us admit that we are the NAME of the trust – the trustee – the one liable for administering the trust.

Therefore, until now it has been a waste of our time and energy to go to a place where it is almost certain that you, the real man, will be stuck with the liability.

We are told in our public-school indoctrination that judges are impartial, and have sworn an oath to this effect; that he must not favor the defendant or plaintiff. But experience shows otherwise – that he favors the plaintiff –a glaring conflict of interest.

The prosecutor, judge, and clerk (the cleric) all work for the state – the owner and grantor of the CESTUI QUE TRUST and the owner of your TITLE (the Birth Certificate)

The case is not about “justice” – it’s about administering a trust.

They represent a trust owned by the state and, if we are the beneficiary, the only two positions left are the executor and the trustee.

They are operating in fraud, gives them only three options.

  1. They can dismiss the case before they risk their fraud being exposed.
  2. Or they can set-off the debt and leave us alone.
  3. They can dissolve the Cestui Que Trust case – but they cannot dissolve the Cestui Que Trust itself – or the entire global system will collapse, for they cannot exist without our energy which they obtain via that Cestui Que Trust, and they do not want to disperse the trust funds to the beneficiary, who is us.

Now that they know that we are onto their fraud, every time they go into court to administer a trust account, they will not know if we are ones who will send them to jail. The trustee/judge is the liable party who will go to jail, and the executor/prosecutor must enforce this.

This is why they want us to accept both titles, executor/trustee, then not only do we go to jail, but by signing their paper we become the executor who enforces our own sentence.

–Knowledge – not procedure – is power.

Under commercial law – since the Code of Ur-Nammu (circa 2100 BCE) – the use of another man’s property without his permission puts the user into dishonor making him liable for any accrued debts.

So our use of UCC forms, bills of exchange, AFV or bonds, FRN’s and other documents of the Roman System can create penalties, for this is trading with and using property which we do not own, because the birth-certificate “NAME” is the property of the corporation which issued it. We can process our papers perfectly, but in the end they say “Sorry, you’re not one of us because you’re real, and we’re not – we’re a FICTION.”

But now we get to inflict fear onto them instead. When we are forced into court, knowing that the judge is the trustee and the prosecutor is the executor of the Cestui Que Trust is empowering.

It gives us two choices” We can expose the fraud of presumptions by which the Cestui Que Trust exist – and have them dissolve it because the Trustee is the judge sitting on the bench. Dissolving one Cestui Que Trust dissolves them all.

We can know that everything the judge says – even if it sounds like an order, a command, or a sentence — is an “offer” that we can refuse to accept by saying, “I do not consent.” “I do not accept your offer.”

This is the Key principle of testamentary trusts – the beneficiary can accept or decline the offers of the trustee. [end report]


You are in chambers (Private Side of the Court; Equity Court) because you have formed an express trust with an affidavit of ownership; a commercial process at age of majority.


You have the original Certificate of Birth (born in the Republic) with my footprints; signed by the delivery doctor and other witnesses at birth. This is State secret Information.


You say: “I am the Beneficiary of the estate you have there.”

The judge will say something to divert you.

You say: “I am the Beneficiary of the estate you have there.”


You Say: “I am the Beneficiary of the estate you have there.”

You say: Are you willing to accept the liability for operation of the Estate without my permission?

Then the judge will ask something like,

“What is it you want me to do?”

Then you say

“I am the in lawful possession of Ewe [pronounced “you,” but it means your authenticated birth record – the sacrificial lamb] –  “Which I wish to show you in a more private (judges chambers) setting.”


“I hereby declare, express and claim my GRANTOR status of CESTUI QUE TRUST and all TRUSTS encompassing and self-executing.” “Therefore, as all trusts/contracts are derivations of the aforementioned master CESTUI QUE TRUSTS, OF WHICH I AM GRANTOR, Affiant asserts this Declaration. I, :john-henry: doe; am the GRANTOR/TRUSTOR /SETTLOR/SOLE BENEFICIARY of the CESTUI QUE TRUST and all trusts that sprang forth out of the original Trust and any/all Trusts created by me or created unbeknownst to me. As GRANTOR, I appoint myself Sole Beneficiary of all Trusts, as the GRANTOR/ CREATOR and Sole Beneficiary, I will be appointing Trustees as, if and when I see fit. Orders I give, the Trustees I appoint will follow my orders to the letter, period.”

“There has been no other claimant known to the GRANTOR/ CREATOR and Sole Beneficiary,, there never will be any other claimant for the GRANTORSHIP, TRUSTORSHIP/ SETTLORSHIP/ SOLE BENEFICIARYSHIP OF MY CESTUI QUE TRUST therefore I DEMAND all escrow (not services) be closed, assets liquidated and returned to me, the Grantor/Creator Settler/Sole Beneficiary and Holder in Due Course, immediately.”

“By the Express Trust I am the Beneficiary of the Trust. (An express trust is simply a trust that is created on purpose, and not imposed by a court.) I have the superior claim” (the GRANTOR/TRUSTOR /SETTLOR/SOLE BENEFICIARY of the CESTUI QUE TRUST and all trusts)

“By my possession of the Certificate of Birth I am the Beneficiary of the trust proving that I was born in the republic. I have the superior claim.” (the GRANTOR/TRUSTOR /SETTLOR/SOLE BENEFICIARY of the CESTUI QUE TRUST and all trusts)

“I want my credit restored.”

“I want my property returned to me now.

“I want the Bid Bond the Payment Bond and the Performance Bond deposited into the bank account of my choice.”

“I want to sanction Child Protective Services.”

[end quotes]

Example autograph for Authorized Representative
for the U.S. Government Held Trust Entity known as
JOHN HENRY DOE. see rule of signatures

Authorized Representative ____________________________

john-henry: doe
Authorized Representative
for the U.S. Government Held
Trust Entity known as
with Account Number xxx-xx-1234
Title Holder-Secured Party
c/o Non-Domestic
Foreign Mail Near (your street address)
City of (your city)
Your State Republic DMSM a010.1.2d EXEMPT

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